Thomas Paine’s Assessment for America compared to Today’s America

Thomas Paine’s Assessment for America compared to Today’s America.


Reading List

I know that I haven’t posted for the past week, however I am in the process of making an entry  about education. So, this is one I have been planning on doing for a while, and today is a perfect day to write about the books I have or will read and why I have chosen to.
Here is the list:

  • The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen
  • The Federalist Papers by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison
  • Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 by James Madison
  • Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark Levin
  • Ameritopia by Mark Levin
  • End the Fed by Ron Paul
  • Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Disinformation by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa
  • Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
  • Second Treatise on Civil Government by John Locke

I decided months ago to read these. There are roughly four books in my reading list I can think of as essentials: The Federalist Papers, Notes on the Debates, Wealth of Nations, and the 5000 Year Leap. I have only read one of them, the 5000 Year Leap, however it has influenced me greatly and is a great description of the 28 principles the Founding Fathers used to create our Constitution. The other three are obvious essentials of reading. There is one that I am looking greatly looking forward to, and that is Disinformation. I read about it in one of WND’s magazines  and loved the sound of it.  Truthfully, this entry is just to recommend these books to read as I have nothing but great reviews about them. I hope you all get a chance to pick up one of these books and read it!

What Grabbed Me and Pulled Me into Economics

I have recently gained a new interest in studying economics. It began when Charlie Kirk, Founder of TPUSA, posted on the TPUSA members page a video about The Great Depression of 1920 and why you have never heard of it. Well, as my History class was going to go over that time period the next day, I decided to watch it. I was shocked that there was even a Depression before the “Roaring Twenties”, and I was quite intrigued with the Austrian theory in the second half of the video. Afterwards,  I asked him, Charlie, if he could give me some website addresses that related to the theory in the video. He provided me with the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s address. Immediately, I went to the site and started to read the Daily article, and it was an outstanding article about Bankers and the State. My interest had already been raised by the video, yet I found my interest catapulted once I read the article. Consequentially, I have been reading many of their articles and watching quite a few of their videos. For those wondering, the purpose of this post is to spread the website so that the knowledge may be spread. I hope you all become captivated by this as I have, and find yourselves better armed with knowledge to combat Socialism and its adherents.

Principles of the Youth concerning Gun Rights in School

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting the LSM, LameStream Media, started to bring politics into the shooting; they did so almost immediately. Within the period since then the media has been pressing hard on trying to persuade and deceive the youth of this nation into believing more gun laws means more safety.  The LSM utilizes tricky rhetoric and the masses’ ignorance, about guns.

To my advantage, I had an opportunity to observe the result of the deception and misinformation in my homeroom class on Friday. In preparation for the new TCAP writing assessment the class reviewed one another’s paper to look over grammatical errors, the hook, thesis, etc. (Not so) shockingly, there were many similarities among the papers for no armed teachers in school. If these ideas are known and understood then they will be combatable. The purpose of this article is to enumerate these misconceptions and false truths “known” by some of our high school’s youths. Read More…

Expect there to be some delays in my posts in the next month

 With the holiday season, semester exams, and my obligation to Turning Point USA as a columnist, I will not have the time of which I can dedicate to writing many entries into this blog in the next month. I am very sorry about this, however, come January I will be able to weekly put in an entry. During that time between now and then I will be reading books about I Founders and the Original Intentions behind The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This includes the Articles of Confederation and Madison’s notes on the Convention. 
   Although, you will be able to read my articles ( every Sunday night) on Turning Point USA, so please do take the time to read those. Hopefully I can, at the least, put one or two entries in before January. Until then, be sure to read my articles!

I know I haven’t submitted an entry in a while for this site, but my motivation has been down to do so. However, I have a couple interesting things for today’s entry.

The Freedom Party: A NEW third party that  appeals to Democrats, independents, Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, etc. Here is their description!
” ‘Back to Basics’; The Freedom Party breaks the boundries of current day politics. We believe that there should not be elections over blue or red but over ideas! 

Interested yet? I find it quite attracting for a political party. So, they sent me their preamble for their platform. It reads:




The Freedom Party Platform is created to help everyone better understand who we are. We will present our party’s ideas and beliefs so that the everyday American may be able to understand.

We believe that if we look at everything today we can view it in a historical context. History is the key to unlocking our future.

            On July 4,1776, The Declaration of Independence was signed stating the grievances of an oppressed nation. In this we find the core belief of The Freedom Party- everyone is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

            We bold the pursuit of happiness because we believe that no one is entitled to happiness; however, everyone should be provided conditions in which they can succeed based on their own desires and self-motivation.

            Another piece of wisdom from the Declaration of Independence that we, as a party and people, are founded upon is the fundamental belief that the government derives its power from the governed. Governments are “by the people, for the people, and of the people.” The Freedom Party believes the roles should never be reversed.

            Further, The Freedom Party believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution of these United States. We hold sacred the Bill of Rights, holding each one to a literal meaning. We believe that these amendments should never be compromised.

            As we stated, history is the key to unlocking our future. History can only be taught through education, which is




the main target of our proposed reforms. Through education, America will once again become a super power among nations, leading the world in ideas and innovation.

            History is what separates the success of United States of America from every other nation in the history of earth. Every super power has fallen once it has swayed from its original core beliefs. The Freedom Party sees this as the main problem our country faces today.  

            Today, we see our freedoms slowly beginning to slip away. The government is overreaching all of its original intentions and attacking the American system of belief, trying to “reinvent itself.” The Freedom Party’s goal- put a rein on government and give back the precious freedoms upon which our country was founded.

            We are a party that looks to unite America, not divide into red and blue states. We believe that we can ultimately work together under one political system to accomplish the nation’s goals. This is not a party of ‘rich or poor’ but a party that looks to benefit all Americans. We are going to “Get Back to the Basics” of this great nation.

            The American dream is still within reach! Join with us in correcting America’s path and restoring the United States to the world power it once was. Do not let one more election slip away by electing leaders who do not believe in the United States of America. The Freedom Party is committed to electing leaders with the highest morals who will work to recapture the “American Dream.”

To say the very least, I am interested in reading their complete platform when they are finished.
I encourage every single one of my readers to follow them on Twiiter. The Freedom Party’s twitter name is  @ThaFreedomParty.

The other exhilarating  subject is Bitcoin: a digital currency that (if you want to) can be converted into real valuable coin. It can NOT be manipulated as it is set at 21 million Bitcoins. I highly suggest checking out the currency and what it is about.

That is about it for today. I hope all y’all have had a great Thansgiving! ( Do you know the real history behind Thanksgiving?)

Sorry for not writing lately!

  I hope you all haven’t been ‘licking your wounds’ from Election day, I sure haven’t! I have had school work and I just got done writing an article (which didn’t take long) for Turning Point USA. I will try to make an blog entry this week as I do not have any projects and my work load has been lightened. 
 However, I must declare, do not be discouraged by the election, instead let it light a fire in you and have it fuel your passion for activism and your love of country!

Check out this site as well: We the People petition site for the White House.
 Until next time, have a Blessed week!